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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tim 'the head stomper' Profitt has his day in court. is covering this event as well.

Video to follow.

Local media is all over this and the AP is here.

He refused an interview from the media and his lawyer claimed Lauren was to blame.

I asked how Profitt's foot was after Lauren's head brutally attacked it, his attorney declined to comment.

UPDATE: Here's the video

Tim Profitt enters a not-guilty plea and another hearing is set for early December.

Can't wait to see Hillbillie's video, he went into the elevator with Profitt...

UPDATE: As promised.

Profitt requesting a police escort due to my street cred I'm convinced.

I had absolutely no intention of following him to wherever he was going, but due to my massive muscles that you can see in my picture with the girl in the bikini top he was no doubt afraid that my neck muscles were so massive I could have obliterated his foot with my head.

Next court date is in early December, I'll be there covering that as well.

On a personal note, if he would have just come out and apologized I might feel some sympathy for this Brown Shirt. However he's still blaming the victim and doesn't deny that he stomped on her head, there's no excuse for this sort of behavior, violence should not be tolerated and I'll make sure it's not in my community. He can take that garbage elsewhere.

Here was the AP's wire that went out about it:

LEXINGTON, Ky. — A former volunteer with Rand Paul's Senate campaign pleaded not guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor assault charge arising from a videotaped scuffle in which a liberal female activist was stepped on the head after being pulled to the ground.

The widely disseminated videotape marked a flashpoint in the conservative Republican's winning campaign against Democrat Jack Conway in Kentucky.

An attorney for former volunteer Tim Profitt said Profitt was just trying to protect the tea party favorite during a scuffle outside a TV studio where Paul and Conway debated Oct. 25.

"I'm sure he was doing at the time what he thought was necessary," defense attorney Michael Dean said after Thursday's court hearing.

Profitt, 53, was silent when his lawyer entered the not guilty plea to a charge of fourth-degree assault in a court in Lexington. Profitt declined comment afterward.

Democrats vilified Profitt and Paul's campaign dropped him as a county coordinator after the tape showed Lauren Valle, a 23-year-old activist with the group, being pulled down, her faced pinned to the concrete and then being stepped on. Valle said afterward that her face was swollen and her neck and shoulder were sore.

Dean told reporters Thursday it was premature to say whether Profitt's case, which is up for another scheduled hearing in December, would go to trial.

The scuffle overshadowed the final days of the Kentucky campaign as Paul's opponents tried to link the Republican to the scuffle by airing a 60-second TV ad called "The Rand Paul Stomp," complete with video footage.


  1. nice work you two. will charges ever be made against Mike Pezzano ?

  2. I would hope the co-defendant would face justice too. He was the one who grabbed her from behind, pulled her down to the ground and held her while Profitt stomped her head.

    Nice work, both of you...

  3. I have just discovered your site. I am a NY progressive. I am very happy to know there are other people in southern states who are tolerant and open minded. I can see you are a lot younger than me. This gives me hope for my son's future in this country.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  4. I was also very bothered by the video of the stomping incident in the fact that Rand Paul just walked by and ignored it. The stomping didn't look that bad from what I saw. The throwing looked worse. Yes, the sign got into the car window. I think that was by accident. She got thrown down by at least two people.

    Then the guy walks by and ignores what's going on from what I saw. He is a doctor they say. Couldn't he have least have seen if she was OK.

    There may be other video's disputing this but my take was that he did not care that she may have been injured.


  5. Thanks for the positive remarks guys there is much to still be done.

  6. could you provide info. regarding next court
    date or suggest how to go about finding out
    the next court date please --

    great job --


  7. Next court day is early December, I believe the 7th.