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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Woman stomper Tim Profitt in Court Thurs Nov. 18th 1pm

I'll be covering the court proceeding and possible tweeting the proceedings. Here are the details:

Fayette County District Court House
01:00 PM


  1. The video of that incident scared the shit out of me. I've got a friend who's a quadriplegic as the result of a neck injury that was less forceful than stomping on someone's head. That woman could have been badly hurt, and this jackass deserves a lesson.

  2. Consider the style of torture used:

  3. From what I saw, it was unprovoked, excessive violence.

    The hospital reported concussion, sprains and a swollen face - hard to fake.

    The real question is why two men tackled her to the ground, pushed her around out into the street, positioned and secured her head on the curb, then curb-stomped her repeatedly, but (1) only one of the offenders is charged, (2) the charge is for the most trivial of assaults, (3) the only film clip published is an abbreviated and misleadingly edited FOX News piece.

    Check back Tuesday, December 7th at 10:00 am for the pre-trial conference in division 3 for more home-cooked justice.

  4. I heard quietly let him off.

    Plus none of his co-conspirators were never charged.

    Lexington is like the Wild West for white men.

  5. Last commenter heard very wrong, he goes to court Jan 11th.

  6. And Lexington is far from the Wild West it's a very liberal part of Kentucky.

  7. KYShep,

    I hear they want to let him and his partner(s) in crime has never even been named.

    After his arraignment, he had a pre-trial conference in December and another one in January and now he is scheduled for another one on Feb 22nd at 10:00 with Judge Kim Wilkie.

    Now this new judge was just appointed this month, so one can only wonder why so many different private conferences in so many different judge's offices.

    Looks like the fix is in on this one.

  8. P.S.
    Saying that Lexington is a very liberal part of Kentucky is like saying a coral reef is a very dry part of the ocean.

  9. You are correct. I don't think his partner was ever charged. I pushed the progressive community to call the county attorney's office.

    I'm going to try and be there on the 22nd.

    Anon, are you a Lexington resident? Openly gay mayor, a damn near Socialist city council, 7th in all of American's cities with a college degree, a co-op grocery store, carried Obama with a landslide margin in 08?